We at FM CORP believe in the most vibrant tempo, the clearest picture, the perfect colour, the cleanest sound and the highest-quality music possible. We have the artists, the gear, and the experience to take your post-production to the next level.
Editing, Graphics, and Colour Grading can transform a mediocre video into a good one, and a good video into a great one.
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Editing requires not only technical skills but artistic talent as well. Every video format is different in its nature, dynamics and mood. We believe that editing is like composing music; different composers excel in different styles. This is why we have specialized editors for the different formats, able to create the biggest impact in your feature films, series, advertising spots, social media, trailers, teasers, corporate & social videos and more.

We work across all major editing platforms: Avid, Symphony, Adobe Premiere, and Smoke. With many rooms, systems and talent, we can deliver high-quality video editing services. We tie this all together with high-speed shared storage and a great support staff, making the whole process function as smoothly as possible.


Colour grading requires a creative talent with a comprehensive understanding of beauty and colour psychology. Using our Da Vinci colour suite (the gold standard of colour editing), we are able to create a finished product that not only looks good on any display, but also has style and lasting impact.


In order to offer a complete service to our clients, we have incorporated state-of-the-art sound recording, mixing and mastering facilities under one roof. This allows us to synchronise the post-production process and thus we achieve in-time workflow with consistent results. Our space, skills, tools and talent combine to produce quality audio for music albums, television series, film production, advertisement, music video, radio, podcasts, and more.

Our sound recording facility is large enough to comfortably accommodate and record sizeable combos—from brass bands and rock groups to chamber ensembles and jazz quintets.

In terms of services for musicians, we welcome artists of all genres, budgets, and levels of experience. We have team members who are seasoned, working musicians, composers, and educators—as well as exemplary engineers. We offer flexible pricing packages, and we value working with novice and younger artists as much as veteran performers.


We use motion graphics to enhance corporate brand, product and television identity, and adapt it for Film & Television, Commercials, Explainer & Promo Videos, Online Tutorials, Indoor and Outdoor Display Video Advertising, Movie Theatres, Music Videos and more. We offer a wide range of motion graphic solutions.
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