VFX & 3D

FMCORP, a 3D-animation studio, specializes in full CGI and VFX for commercials, films, cartoons and game trailers.

Our team of passionate and talented artists seek to create evermore dynamic concepts and images. We are inspired by the diversity and ambition of our clients’ projects and flourish as we dive into the world of CGI.

We have 21 years of experience in creating VFX & 3D animation for the film, cartoon commercial, music video & architectural industries. We have been producing quality 3D Animation and CGI content for an international clientele from a wide range of industries. Our portfolio shows our collaboration with businesses, film & cartoon production companies, television networks, digital and advertising agencies throughout the US, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East.

We are a

“one-stop quality shop” for our clients.

Our diverse team of artists will actualize your great ideas and create an incredible product using all the processes, skills and techniques required for your personal needs.
Script Storyboarding

Our storyboard artists never stop amazing us as they merge time and space into a concise framework that forms the structure of our projects.

Concept, 3D Character and Environment Design

We are proud of the creativity of our artists and their originality. We cherish their understanding of beauty. Under the guidance of our exceptionally gifted art director, our team will make your characters stand out like super stars.


We can accurately portray your products, concepts or ideas from scratch in 3D mesh using different modeling techniques. Whether it be creatures and characters or cars, buildings and sets, we make whatever you need.

Setup and Rigging

We call our riggers “the puppet masters” because they have an acute and complex understanding of object and creature mechanics.


We maintain a large team of animators in-house who are capable of keeping up with two animated television series simultaneously.

Texturing and shading

In this important phase, we give personalized attributes to the surfaces by building the right textures for colour, bump and displacement, reflection, refraction, subsurface scattering and many more outer layer characteristics.

Fluid, Physics & Clothes Simulations

“The devil is in the detail.” Through physically-based liquid, gas, object and soft surfaces interaction simulations, we add the final touch to create the necessary realism.


“It is all about light.” We know from our experience in photography and film production that it is of great importance to have a technical understanding of light and its characteristics to achieve a proper base for the perfect picture. In order to create realistic artistic impressions, we use a combination of photometric, physic-based and FX lights.

Rendering & VFX Integration

This is the final step in the animation and image generation process. Combining all the phases and elements, it is an extremely time consuming process that requires state-of-the-art software and equipment in combination with technical fine tuning skills. We have it all.

We look forward to hearing your ideas about exciting projects to create and we welcome new partnerships.